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  • Auction 2017 Thank Yous

    The Auction was May 20th and ran smoothly with Armi Rowe, Sean Bendick, Mimi Perl, Caren Linden, Terri Goldsmith, Geoff and Susan Hausmann with Jonathan Rowe and Scott Zettler handling the auctioneering while I was in Michigan handling family matters. I am grateful to them and everyone else who helped during the auction (see flyer in bulletin). In addition I would like to thank all the donors.

    I am stepping down as VP of Fundraising and passing the torch to Scott Wolfe. I hope you give him all the support you have given me in helping Temple Emanu-El by supporting all the fundraising as I will continue to do in the future.

    Thanks again for all your support and well wishes.

    John Murphy

  • Temple Auction

    Items, Ideas and help needed!
    The Annual Auction this year is 
    May 21 with the Onine Auction from
    April 22 - May 13


    If you have unused gift cards or certificates, airline miles, timeshares or a vacation home - your donation will help our biggest fundraiser.

    In addition, if you have additional ideas or wiluld like to help, please contact John Murphy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on his cell (860-608-0774).