May 2022

April held some beautiful “getting together” opportunities!  We had Share Shabbat, Temple Emanu-El’s Homecoming event, and our first in-person Passover Seder in 2 years! I really was so pleased with the turn out for these 3 occasions.  At Share Shabbat, we not only enjoyed sharing Shabbat together, but we also had our first oneg, along with Rabbi Marc’s homemade challah!  Our Homecoming event was like a family reunion. It was great! I loved watching people interacting with each other, enjoying each other’s company and sitting with their friends at the BBQ that followed.  I also enjoyed seeing the beautiful Torah covers that Pat Sher made and listening to her tell us about her beautiful artwork.  Then there was the Passover Seder at Langley’s.  Around 100 people joined Rabbi Marc and I, to celebrate this holiday of freedom. How nice it was to be surrounded by friends and family.  You can check out the pictures on our Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who helped make these 3 events possible.

Switching topics….

I remember watching the Disney animated movie Coco a while back.  Its message was to remember those we love and not let their memories fade, so that they will always be around us. It was very touching.  It reminded me of the poem In Mishkan T’filah, the Weekday and Festivals book, called, We Remember Them.  The last line of the poem says, “So long as we live, they too shall live, for they are now a part of us as we remember them.”  Many cultures and religions also encourage remembering those we have loved and lost.   When we say the name of someone who has passed, we say zichrona livracha for a female and zichrono livracha for a male, which means, of blessed memory. We also say May their memory be for a blessing.  Though we miss them, the beauty of our memories with them while they lived is a blessing.   With the coming of Mother’s Day, I know there are many of us who have lost our mothers. I will be remembering my Mom and her wonderful laugh and sense of humor.  Also May 14, was the day Terri Goldsmith was born.  I will be remembering the “big sister” way she watched over me. She also had a contagious laugh and was so caring.  By remembering, we keep them close to us and keep their memory alive.  May the memories of those that you will be remembering throughout the year, always be for a blessing.

A quick plug:

If you are interested in joining the choir, please send me an email.  I’m always looking to fill the choir with lots of voices. I’m also looking for those interested in singing for the High Holy Days. Don’t be shy.  Send me an email.  : )