September 2022

Here we go!  Summer is over and we are grateful for the time we spent with friends and trips that we have taken, no matter where we were going.  Our focus changes from relaxing to going back to work, or school, and knowing that the High Holy Days are just around the corner.  Our High Holy Day Services have been on Zoom for the last few years due to Covid-19.  This year, we are planning to be hybrid and hold in-person and streaming our services on Zoom.  I’m also thrilled to have the choir back this year.  It’s been a while, but rehearsals are going well.  I’m also looking forward to our outdoor Neilah Service at McCooks Beach followed by a Break-the-Fast! Thank you to Greg Morea and our Brotherhood, led by their new Co-Chairs, Nathanial Rowe and Rich McCaffrey.  I’m sure it will be a wonderful way to end the High Holy Days.  After a lovely summer, the High Holy Days bring our focus back to review the past year. I know, I talk about this every year, but I feel it is very important to ask ourselves, did we hit the goals we set for ourselves this year or did we fall short. Were we the best that we could have been in our interactions with those around us? I know that as much as I try to stay on target with the goals I choose to focus on, as the year progresses, I fall short.  I don’t beat myself up for it, but I do ask myself why couldn’t I hit the mark?  What can I do better this year? It’s so easy to fall back into old habits. I know that I do the best I can and try to put myself back on track throughout the year and move forward.  I love the High Holy Days, because we are always reminded that we should be thinking about how we treat each other and even how we treat ourselves.  V’ahavta l’reiacha kamocha …love your neighbor as yourself.  Wise words.  It’s never too late to treat others the way we would like to be treated.  Actually, when I am following that goal each year, I am at peace with myself and I feel that everything else falls into place. So, here is to a New Year with a clean slate.  May this New Year bring you peace, happiness, and good health.

A big thank you to all of you that led our Shabbat Services this summer.  I enjoyed working with all of you and hope you come back again next year.  Thank you to Armi Rowe, Sean Bendick, Nathaniel Rowe, Ava Burdo, and RyanO’Bern, for coming in over the summer to make sure our indoor services were hybrid.  We all appreciated you being there.

L’shanah tovah u’mitukah.  To a good and sweet year!