Special Funds, Plaques and Leaves

In lieu of gifts for family and friends, you may wish to contribute to one of the Temple’s special funds or purchase a Yahrzeit Plaque or Leaf on the Tree of Life as a means of celebrating happy occasions, for condolences or for memorial donations.

If you would like to make a general donation (which will go to the Temple’s Essential Services Fund), or would like to choose to donate to a specific fund (listed below). Please print and mail in the donation form. Click HERE for a form.


Special Funds for Your Charitable Contributions

  • Aaron and Pearl Parker Religious School Fund = For the support of the religious school.
  • Altar Fund = For flowers on those occasions when they are not donated by individuals.
  • Bill Bentley Fund = For Temple Emanu-El Youth Services.
  • Building Fund
  • Cantor Fund = Provides support for the music program at the Temple.
  • Capital Expenditure Fund = Provides money to purchase capital equipment for the Synagogue apart from the regular budget.
  • Celia Winterholer Organ Fund = Provides money for maintenance of the organ.
  • Craig Blumsack Fund = Provides financial assistance to our youth for purposes of study, travel, camp experience or participation in Judaic activities.
  • Dr. Sanford Blank Computer Fund = Provides support for new software and computer technology.
  • Endowment Fund = Used to maintain and expand the religious, educational, cultural and social activities of the Congregation.
  • Essential Services Fund = The normal revenue of the Temple and supports Temple programs and administration.
  • Isaaca Siegel Landscape Fund = Provides for landscaping of the Temple grounds.
  • Kitchen Fund
  • Lothar Knobel Library Fund = For the purchase of books and other items for the library.
  • Meyer Goodman Fund = Provides money for speakers, films and special events.
  • Mitzvah Fund = Provides money for good deeds and emergencies.
  • Prayer Book Fund = For the purchase of High Holiday and Sabbath prayer books and Haggadahs.
  • Rabbi Aaron Rosenberg Tikkun Olam Scholarship Fund
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund = For the Rabbi’s use in support of many requests for aid and in support of activities and causes that benefit the congregation, the Jewish community and the general community.
  • Ruth Joan Brody Religious School Fund = For special events for the Religious School.
  • Sam Kushner Fund = Provides scholarship to members of of our youth groups for institutes and summer camp.
  • Torah Fund = For the repair, inspection and purchase of Torah scrolls.

Plaques and Leaves

Leaf on the Tree of Life:  $200.00
Yahrzeit Plaque:  $200.00

P.O. Box 288, Waterford, CT 06385