Temple Emanu-El Endowment Fund

The Temple Emanu-El Endowment was established in 2007. The Endowment Fund invests the assets it has been entrusted with to support the mission and  vision of Temple Emanu-El for present and future generations. Over the 17 years of the Endowment, the fund has grown an average of 3.3% and has provided the Temple with approximately $230,000. All of this was accomplished with only one small stock donation added to the initial $500,000.

This coming year the Temple’s Endowment Committee plans to educate you on ways you can help us to grow the Endowment Fund and encourage you to make Legacy Giving a part of your financial planning.


Some ways you can make a planned gift to Temple Emanuel’s Endowment Fund:

  • Gifts of Cash for one-time gifts recurring gifts can be made via check or credit card.
  • Gifts of stock.
  • Gifts of some or all of your Charitable IRA Rollover (if you are 70 1/2 or older) also known as the Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) and popularly called the Charitable IRA Rollover. You pay no income tax on your QCD when you gift it to a charity.
  • Create a legacy in your will by making a provision in your will or revocable living trust.

Consult with your accountant for tax advice as to how to make a gift to the Temple’s Endowment Fund.