Temple Emanu-El AV Club Looking for Members

Were you in your High School’s AV Club? Jealous of the kids that were? Are you studying Video Production and are looking for some related volunteer hours? Or are you, like me, just a nerd who likes playing with computers and cameras? Well, the Temple can use your help!

As we get closer to returning to services in our sanctuary, we want to continue using platforms like Zoom to engage members and friends who may not be able to join us in person. To support continuing our virtual presence, the sanctuary is being wired for broadcast. Cameras have been installed, and we’ve purchased equipment to help polish our service’s production quality. The only thing we’re missing is YOU!

I’m looking for a group of people interested in running the video production on  Friday night outdoor services and other events. Computer experience is important. Video production experience is helpful, but not necessary. If you’re interested, please contact Sean Bendick at sbendick@gmail.com, or contact the Temple Office.