A new Temple Emanu-El Directory to celebrate our 65th anniversary!!

Temple Emanu-El did a directory for the congregation when we turned 50. I used that directory often, and still pull it out for an address to send a card or give someone a call, as do many other congregants. But, it is now outdated, so the Communications Committee pulled together a Directory Sub-Committee and we are starting work on a new directory to celebrate our 65th anniversary!

Updated Contacts • Due to security and privacy concerns, this directory will be printed and distributed only to Temple Emanu-El members. It will not be available digitally. Having a printed copy in your hands is a great way to learn faces in our Temple community, and see who lives near you! It is a wonderful way to connect people in our congregation.

Beautiful Photography • The previous directory had photos as well as contact information. The photography will again be done by Brian Alpert. A photo taken to be used only in the directory is free, but options for photo packages you would like to purchase will be available. You may submit a photo of yourself or your family, especially if it is hard to have your family attend a scheduled photo time together. But, having Brian do a professional photo is a great way to get updated photos of your family, gives an overall cohesive look to the directory, and helps to support this project. A form to schedule a photo session will be in the next few Temple Bulletins.

Celebratory Ads & Messages of Support • There is also an option to submit a personal or business ad. A personal ad can include copy such as a message celebrating our 65th anniversary, and may include your photo. A business ad could be an advertisement for that business, possibly adding a congratulations line if they choose. There are four ad sizes to choose from, ranging from 1/8 of a page to a full page in size. Pricing for personal ads will be included on the form that will be in the next few Temple Bulletins, but there is a separate form for business ads. Contact Sue at the email below, or the Temple office, if you would like a business ad form. Ad sales will help pay for the cost to print the directory.

Please use the FORM below or in future bulletins to submit your contact information, schedule your photo and see photo package choices, and consider ad options. To download the 2 page form below click the little arrow button in the top gray bar of the form. If you have questions, please contact Sue at communications@tewaterford.org. 

Thank you for supporting this directory, and for helping to make Temple Emanu-El a vibrant, close-knit community.

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