TE In The Community

Volunteer in the Local Community

Mask Making

Volunteers made 300 masks our first week! We are distributing masks to Temple members and community organizations inclucluding the Homeless Hospitality Center, Safe Futures (domestic shelter), and New London Health Collective. Additional agencies can be added as production ramps up.

To help – contact Marty or Matt:
Marty Zeldis • ztr8n@aol.com • 860-442-4580
Matt Shulman • 2020JewishThought@gmail.com • 252-217-5865    

Mitzvah Corps

The goal of the Mitzvah Corps is to help congregants who have emergency needs as well as those who need home visits, assistance with rides, getting to appointments, or providing help for day to day activities etc.

  • Any Temple member in need of help from the Mitzvah Corps, or any Temple member who wants to join the Mitzvah Corps as a volunteer, should contact the Temple office at 860-443-3005.

The New London Community Meals Center

For many years temple volunteers have prepared, provided and cleaned up after a meal at the New London Soup Kitchen. If interested in volunteering contact Hali Keeler.

There is also a Soup Kitchen in Groton and temple members are involved there. The Groton kitchen does not provide all meals.  If interested in volunteering there, you should contact Matt Shulman.

  • Help prepare and serve a meal continues on the third Tuesday of each month at the Community Meals Center in New London. Contact Marty Zeldis for details and contact information at ztr8n@aol.com

Habitat’s for Humanity Builds

  • These take place one to two times a month on Sundays.  There is always something to do for everyone. Contact Marty Zeldis for details at ztr8n@aol.com

Start Fresh Program

  • Help settle refugee families in the area. Contact Karen Bloustine if interested in being involved.

Homeless Hospitality Center

  • Offers shelter for those who are without. If interested in helping, contact Temple member Judy Mann.


Updates on Social Action Activities

First Responders Holiday Dinner – The First Responders Holiday Dinner was conceived, sponsored, organized and made to happen by the Social Action Committee, but that really isn’t the most important part. When all is said and done, the success of this endeavor was primarily due to the tireless efforts of three people who were determined to honor and respect the efforts of the daily work done by this area’s first responders–fire, police and ambulance–who are out there, in difficult circumstances, not just during the holidays, but 24/7/365. Those three Temple members are Sybil Nassau, Karen Bloustine and Matt Shulman.

Despite that some people (like me, Marty) felt that we/they had probably bitten off more than could ever be chewed, Matt, Sybil and Karen rose to the occasion at every challenging turn in the road. In a very short time, they mastered every detail in a very detail-oriented project. Be it finding volunteers to provide for the dinner, or endless contacting of area merchants to contribute food etc., to finding a certified chef to oversee the work being done in the Temple kitchen on Christmas eve into Christmas day, to talking to all of the First Responder cites to find out how many were interested in the holiday dinner, to getting all of the details jigsaw-puzzled together to make this gigantic event happen, these three were faster than the speed of light and more powerful than a locomotive. We served about 250 meals in less than a day to our very deserving First Responders. It appears that Karen, Matt, Sybil and the many others who were involved have literally made the impossible happen. Our thanks to all of you.


The New London Community Meals Center – As if the First Responders Holiday Dinner was not enough, on that same Christmas eve, the Temple provided, prepared and served a holiday eve meal at the New London Soup Kitchen. Hali Keeler’s volunteers continued this annual tradition which, as always, was joyful for all. And continuing the tradition, after the work at The Meals Center was finished, all the volunteers got together for a Chinese dinner. As a cooperative footnote, the Meals Center donated a substantial number of turkeys to the First Responder Dinner. For January and beyond, the Temple works and provides a meal at the New London Soup Kitchen, normally on the third Tuesday of each month. If interested, contact Hali Keeler.