The Social Action Committee begins this summer with a Mitzvah Corps in place and a readiness to be part of a Mitzvah Day community garden at the Temple.

All of our core programs are going well:

  • Our connection to the soup kitchen where we prepare and serve a meal continues on the third Tuesday of each month at the Community Meals Center in New London.
  • Habitat’s monthly Sunday Builds are scheduled for the afternoons of July 15 and August 12. Although there has always been sufficient volunteers working on these Builds, a plea goes out for new people from the Temple to become involved.
  • This area’s Start Fresh program has just welcomed a refugee family–a single woman and her three children–into the community. Help is always needed and Karen Bloustine is the person to talk to if you want to get involved.

The Social Action Committee hopes to continue to do good work through the summer and beyond. If anyone needs help or if you know someone who needs help during the summer please contact the Temple Office and the Mitzvah Corps will try to meet the need. Although this is not the time to think about autumn, Social Action expects to bring new energy in new ways to the New Year. Enjoy the summer!!

Marty Zeldis