October 2022

 This is an odd time of year. I’m writing this article before the High Holy Days and yet you’re reading this after the High Holy Days. So I hope you have/had a happy new year and have/had an easy fast.

We’re just coming off a couple great events. The August Homecoming was a big hit. We easily had over 100 people attend (I started losing track when I got to about that number). And really attend isn’t the right word. Everyone seemed engaged in what was going on. Participating in the events, socializing with old friends and welcoming new friends. It was a pleasure to see things getting back to normal as we are coming out of COVID. Let’s keep the energy moving forward.

Just this past week we had Marc Wortman speak at the Temple. He wrote a biography on Hymen Rickover. I won’t get into the details but to say it was a fascinating story and a real treat to have someone who spent 3 years putting the story together be able to tell us some of what he learned. We welcomed numerous guests from outside the Temple (mostly Electric Boat, and it was neat to read all the hats from all the boats and military service that many – including our own members – had undertaken). We forget sometimes how engrained submarine culture is here locally. And much of that is due to Admiral Rickover. If you’d like to know more – read the book!

Oh, and bagels are up and running again. See you all at the Temple on Sunday mornings!