May 2023

This past month we had a Board Retreat/Strategic Planning full day meeting. Not only is that a mouthful to say, but there was a lot of effort put in to make it happen (a big thank you to Armi, Roberta, and many others) and a lot of “work” that will come out. The reason I say “work” is that plans are only as good as you execute them. The meeting itself was a lot of fun. We did it in person, which was actually the first in person Board Meeting in about 3 years. And the venue was beautiful, right on the water (thank you to the Town of Groton for allowing us to use their space).

As I’m writing this we actually have a Board meeting tonight (delayed a week by Passover which has my monthly calendar way off) where we will continue our discussion on the “work” that needs to be done. The other reason I put “work” in quotation marks is because a lot of what goes into doing what we do should be fun! When we developed our vision (Temple Emanu-El strives to be a… …fun and caring community (full vision is on the website) we discussed and debated over the word fun, which was actually a bit of fun in and of itself. But that’s not the point. The point is that when we do things, the “work” that we put in should be collaborative with each other, should be something we enjoy doing, and the end result should be positive and dare I say fun! If we can’t be doing things in this way, then why are we doing them?

I’m going to make a few pitches tonight for the items we should be taking up from our ideas at our Board Retreat.  I can guarantee that if we can pull them off, they will all be fun. Come help us put in the “work” so we can continue Building a Vibrant Community Through Reform Judaism.